Texas Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Williamson & Rusnak has extensive experience suing lawyers all over the State of Texas, as well as other states across the country. Contact us if you wish to pursue a claim against your attorney. The following includes some, but not all of the types of cases we can assist you with:

  1. Lawyer missed deadline(s) or statute of limitations;
  2. Lawyer charges an unconscionable (i.e. unreasonable) fee;
  3. Lawyer overbills the client for hourly fees;
  4. Failure to disclose conflict of interest;
  5. Lawyer entered into business dealing(s) with client;
  6. General lawyer negligence.

Fiduciary Duty

Keep in mind that attorneys owe their clients a “fiduciary duty”. This is the highest duty imposed by law. An attorney must put your interest (the client) ahead of their own. If you think your attorney put their interests ahead of yours and caused you harm, give us a call.

Legal Malpractice Cases Are Not Easy To Prove

Winning a legal malpractice case depends on several factors. First, you must prove that mistakes were made in your case. Then, you must show how your outcome would have been different, had those mistakes been avoided. Of course, each case is different, and there are numerous details involved which can complicate things quickly. Put our experience to work for you if you feel your attorney is misrepresenting you, or not acting in good faith.

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If you feel you may be a victim of legal malpractice, contact the Texas legal malpractice attorneys at our firm to protect your rights.